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Hi, I'm Gary and welcome to my website!

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I've got several main areas I've been keeping busy in. From writing to working with the Hallelujah Diet, to repairing video gear, life has been a happening thing! Please feel free to poke around here, read a bit, and don't be afraid to call or message me if you have any questions.

Thanks for visiting! More about Gary Hughes, here.

Books by Gary Hughes

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Here are some of Gary's literary endeavours. Download a portion, buy a copy, or just look them over. All's fair in love and war...

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The Hallelujah Diet

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You Don't Have to be Sick! Gary found that out from personal experience, dealing with issues ranging from pneumonia to migranes to skin cancer. It isn't easy to make a lifestyle change that radical, but is it worth it? For Gary it was life or death!

Trained by the staff at Hallelujah Acres to share the world famous Hallelujah Diet with those who need to conquer physical limitations, Gary would be happy to give you whatever help and support you may need to turn your life around.

In addition he has most of the Diet essentials such as Barleymax and the basic supplements available in stock and available for purchase.

Find out how this money saving Bible-based program can work for you!...

HA Website...

Professional Video Repair by Gary Hughes

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Want some video gear fixed? Check out this page!

Gary has spent the last 20 years (when he hasn't been writing) repairing broadcast video gear.

Gary at PVT...

Professional Video & Tape, Inc. Main Website...

Slides for your Stereoscope, a printing service

Stereo Slide

Do you happen to have a Fuji 3D-W1 or 3D-W3 camera? Gary can turn those MPO files into slides for your nineteenth-century viewer!

Stereo photos are fun but they can be hard to share.

Find out more here...

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